Month: March 2017

10 Parenting Hacks Make Life Easier

10 Parenting Hacks

Parenting hacks exist for a reason, friends. Cut some corners, save time, save effort and make life a little sweeter. Here are 10 Parenting hacks make life easier every parent should know. 1.) Little trick to avoid kiddos locking themselves in the bathroom  Avoid a headache from accidentally locking your children in the bathroom.The best […]

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8 Tips For New Parents

8 Tips for New Parents

Hey, new parents! Congrats on your little one joining your family.  It’s such an exciting time, welcoming a new baby.  When I was a new parent 4 years ago, I remember being so obsessed with everything “baby.”  Baby food, nursery, breastfeeding, etc.  It’s hard to know which trends to follow, which tools are best, what […]

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The Top Baby Names 2017

Top Baby Names of 2017

Congrats mama! Your preggo and wondering what to name your newest addition. If you’re like me, you’ve had a lot of back and forth with hubby and possibly even family about top baby names 2017.   Some of the baby names that have emerged in recent years are “different” to put it nicely. King, Apple, December, […]

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