At ADC Creatives, Darwin and I understand the importance of a Child’s growth and development. ADC Creatives is here to make moms and dads raise happy, talented and healthy kids. Kids are simple, greatly imaginative beings who just want to laugh and have fun. While as Parents, we all want the best for our children, the idea of dropping our kids in front of the television to keep them pre-occupied is no longer deemed educational enough. We have come up with a Solution to maintain the balance parents seek to keep their children learning, busy and still smiling for hours while developing their core mental process. At ADC Creatives, we ‘KEEP PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF CREATIVITY’ with our amazing array of products aimed at the holistic Educational development of a Child.

Whether they are used in a classroom or a Headstart program, ADC Creatives provides children with endless educational toys to encourage their creativity and enable them to explore their treasured imaginations. From Science to Puzzle, music to arithmetics, Craft to construction, we pride ourselves on the ability to keep ‘pushing the boundaries of creativity’. If you are looking for some inspiration or ideas, you can browse through this page.

WHY ADC Creatives?

We make up a team of two, couples to be precise. We have a wonderful young daughter. We have a first-hand experience on what it feels like to what the best for your kid(s). We are not part of an industry trying to choke some untested product down the throats of our amazing clients and partners. Darwin and I are committed to a life of impact and resourcefulness, and we implore you to embark on this journey with us.

Our Universal Educational Toys are literally the building blocks of Creative Learning. Our community today is made up of children of every gender, age, and learning ability. ADC Creatives takes in mind the unique personality and individual needs of every child. Like every well-meaning Parent, We share a noble dream – To enable our children to grow and develop undeterred.

We see no reason why we cannot be a masterpiece and still be a work in progress

We promise to be of Great service tomorrow as we were yesterday.