Educational toys enable children to learn as they play. Educational toys help a child acquire new skills and improve their current ones all the while having fun. Educational toys are great at this – in encouraging learning in a fun environment. Educational toys are not only fun but practical. Of course, there are important factors that a parent needs to consider in getting the best educational toys for their children:


Choosing The Best Educational Toys for your Kids

                             Best Educational Toys for your Kids



Toys producing sounds good for motor skills for toddlers


There are educational toys in the market available for all age groups. Check the labels of toys for age-appropriateness. Electronic toys, breakable toys, and those with minute parts are definitely not for infants. Consider safety foremostly. The best for smaller kids are ones that activate the senses and are good for motor skills – toys producing sounds, turning buttons, push and pull, filling and emptying, bobbing bath toys, squishy toys, clay or shapes. A one-year-old would probably only throw number or letter blocks without recognizing the idea of numbers. So not too complicated; neither should you underestimate a preschooler with toys meant only for younger kids. Maybe you should challenge them with more books ( picture books and pop-ups are so much fun ) or chalkboards, flash cards, toy clocks and globes, and puzzles.


Also, consider a child’s interest. A child could be interested more in sports than in music or art for example. Observe if he likes to bang things more than a scribble. Try to get an idea of your child’s “field” before buying educational toys.



Arts and Crafts for kidsChildren’s play is often centered on their little world’s and getting their minds working creatively greatly stimulates and develops their minds. The more the toy encourages creative thinking and make-believe the better. Toys that are good at this are building blocks, arts, and crafts, coloring books, stuffed animals, doll set, action figures, cars, science and discovery toys like binoculars, archeology tools, veterinarian kits, habitats and the likes.



Littlr girl imitating a veterinarian doctor with her doctor's kit


Toys that are imitative of adults’ activities always get a child’s attention. The average cooking play set goes a long way in a child’s learning. So does sports toys like ping pong play or dad’s favorite shooting hoopsbasketball and profession toys like doctor’s  kit.


The best way for a child to learn is probably by having fun. Whatever that interests your child stimulates his brain to get ready for learning. Educational toys serve this purpose. It is important for educational toys to be entertaining to foster brain activity stimulation. It has been scientifically proven that this brain stimulation through activating interest in a child help develops thought and reflex patterns and a good hand-eye coordination. Plus, fun is an important factor in choosing an educational toy since the child won’t even notice that lessons are being taught while he is playing. And lastly, fun is a great way to get a child’s attention and focus in the first place. Thus, educational toys should be fun in the best way they could be.


Exposure to educational toys in the early formative years of learning, during times of perception with awe and surprise, when a child’s brain acts like a quick sponge absorbing great new experiences playing a huge part in a child’s capacity for learning in the later stages of his life. It is then the responsibility of every parent to provide best educational toys for their child to get them a head start in early development helping them explore the world around them. Grab some of these tips and watch your child maximize his abilities. If you are interested in getting best educational toys and resources for your creative and intelligent kids, Visit 21 Amazing Educational Toys for your kids.